If You Want a Living Christ, LIVE as Christ / by Sophia Chang

First shared live at worship on Sunday, January 24th, 2016:

We're Asians - we're good students who went to good schools and we know how to study.

I am careful as I learn about Christ not to turn it into another school assignment, where I'm just ingesting information by rote. I avoid this by checking in with what makes my heart come alive. This reminds me that Christianity is about a living Christ, not an intellectual one or a paper book one.

The things that make my heart come alive are the personal ways in which God speaks to me. I've come to realize that is true nearness to God - when he's so close he comes from within, not when he's coming in through my eyeballs in black and white.

That's also what faith is.

It's one thing to believe something because you see it, either experientially - in that it happens to you, or intellectually - which is another form of seeing (from the eyes to the brain). That's mere belief.

Faith is acting upon the values of God's love; it is embodying a living Christ by acting as Christ. 

These topics of personalization and an active faith are my obsession right now and I believe they should be an obsession for life.