Gimpy Body List

For when your body and mind are acting like a fuckface and you’re trying to #selfcare its ass but really it’s a #punchableface.


put in your body

Magnesium l-Threonate

Brain fog begone!

This is the original formulation by MIT nerds who didn’t have the social skills to get into Harvard. Losers.

They make great science, though.


put on your body

Magnesium lotion

I rub this on the bottoms of my feet morning and night, as well as my abdomen and any other areas of particular spasticity (muscle spasms and cramping that antiMOG and MS people are prone to).

If you use the computer a lot, it’s also a good hand cream for sore RSI-y hands.


weighted blanket - full size 12 lbs

For anxiety insomniacs like me. Also good for restless legs, PTSD, ADD and like everything.

This is the cheapest one with best quality that I found. Fuck those $200 ones on Instagram.


do with your body


Water already IN yo brush. Cuz ain’t nobody got time to keep dipping, shit.